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Welcome to the 'IRecommended' Recommendation Reward Website. If you have been directed to this site following a purchase made from a business using one of our reward services, we hope you feel contented that not only have you solved problems for the future but also take advantage of commencing your Recommendation Reward Tree

Please use the 'Check your Progress' button above, using your log on user name and password (if relevant) to see the results of your 'up to date' recommendation rewards from all the people linked to your recommendation tree, from the original two people you recommended.....who may themselves by now, have gone on to recommend others to become customers......who in turn those new customers may have recommended even more customers and so on. You get the idea, its so simple.

If you are a potential customer perhaps considering making a purchase from a business using a   'iRecommended Customer Recommendation Reward System' and checking us out, so to speak, may we offer you a warm welcome too and hope to see you again soon, reaping the rewards that could make a huge economic difference to your purchase decision, if you recommend too.

As a rule, it is quite expensive to generate a sales enquiry but especially in this current economic climate, so it makes huge sense for businesses to encourage their existing customers to recommend others who may become customers themselves.

It is also recognised that most people like to recommend things that they consider to be good and worthwhile. A Meal, A Film, A Product they have just bought.

Our aim is to help businesses make the purchasing process of their products as stress free as possible, as well as offering fantastic material benefits via their customer loyalty rewards, that really will make a huge difference to the purchase.

People generally dislike being sold to and resent pushy sales tactics. We hope those days are a thing of the past using 'iRecommended'. You will know everything about the business, the price, the product, from the person who is recommending you to the business, plus most importantly about the business advisor before he or she even arrives to see you.

We hope you enjoy your time with us and you go on to purchase further products from other businesses that use our 'Customer Recommendation Reward System...... Check out our 'Trader Directory' for businesses that offer other excellent cost effective healthcare products.

It is said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

Giving someone the gift of advice about something that you know is good and feel would be very beneficial for them is a true testiment of those who care.




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Features & Benefits

  • Receive a recommendation reward if the people you recommended become customers.
  • Be rewarded again if the people you recommended, recommend others to become customers too.
  • A On-line visual check point to see how your recommendation rewards are accumulating. 
  • Find other Health Care businesses with other products but who offer a similar reward marketing system.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind our products provide and fantastic financial benefits

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