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Loyalty Rewards Club.

A unique and transformational customer opportunity.

"Recommendation is the very best way to purchase products and services".

People take great pleasure recommending things they consider good and worthwhile, a meal, a film, a product or service they have just bought. It's a natural process and a special part of friendship.

Traditional methods of purchasing important high value products and services is a deeply flawed process. Sadly we live in an age where there is a fragile relationship between a business, their sales personel and customers, why else would all those checked and vetted type businesses be vying for your attention.

We are delighted to promise that purchasing a product via our genuine recommendation process, customers will Never experience the gut wrenching feeling that they are "Crawling blindfold through a minefield with one arm tied behind their back, in a vain attempt to find a genuine business".

People generally dislike being sold to and resent pushy sales tactics. Referral Customer Relationships eliminate all those irritations completely, as information about the product, price and every other aspect of the potential purchasing decision are the very reasons the product was bought by the customer who is recommending.

IRecommended referring Customers become the company's sales Staff, they after all are the only people qualified to give an unbiased opinion that the product and company is recommenable.

The iRecommend Referral process is a very special, unique, genuine process.

" Every customer has an opportunity to potentially recoup up to 100% of the cost of product they purchased by participating in Loyalty Rewards Process".

By doing things differently, correctly and professionally, entire advertising budgets can be eliminated, allowing customer loyalty rewards to be paid to existing customers from the money saved, all due to the confidence existing customers have to recommed family, friends and other people they may cross paths with, whom in turn, will benefit from purchasing similar products and services and proceed to become loyalty reward club members too.

Quite simply, the profit from the product or service sold that was intended to pay for the advertising costs to generate ongoing customer enquiries, are re directed back to customers in the form of thank you rewards for customer loyalty, Why make advertising businesses rich? it makes no sense.

If you are already a Club Member, you can click the 'Check your Progress' button above and enter your user name and password to observe the progress of recommendation rewards from all club members linked to your recommendation group, as the two family or friends you recommended, may well by now have recommend two people they know, who in turn may also have recommended, the process is repeatable, genuine and transparent. You get the idea, its so simple.

If you are a potential customer considering making a purchase and checking us out, may we offer you a warm welcome and look forward to seeing you again as a customer, potentially benefitting from loyalty rewards that could make a huge economic difference to your purchase decision, by recommending in the same way you were recommended and acheiving the irecommeded goal of every purchase costing exactly zero. 







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Features & Benefits

  • Receive a recommendation reward if the people you recommended become customers.
  • Be rewarded again if the people you recommended, recommend others to become customers too.
  • A On-line visual check point to see how your recommendation rewards are accumulating. 
  • Find other businesses with other products who offer a similar reward marketing system.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind our products provide and fantastic financial benefits

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