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So, what does 'iRecommended' do?

We work with various types of Healthcare, Eco and Direct Marketing  Businesses, providing them with an opportunity to offer satisfied customers who recommended others to become customers, 'Thank You Rewards' for doing what people through the ages have always done, -'Recommend.

How simple is this? Instead of a business needing to pay Huge amounts of money to magazines, directories, radio, television and many other expensive marketing methods to generate an enquiry (which ironically often don't even work very well), the business simply pays  'Thank You Rewards' to the satisfied customers who recommended two new people to be customers of the business themselves, then through a very natural process, those new customers will go on to recommend other people they know and so on.

All recommended customers have the same opportunity to be rewarded in the same way as the person who recommended them, recommendations just keep on happening. Remember all the 'Thank You Reward's are paid from the money the business has saved not having to pay the marketing costs they previously had to. It's really that simple. the business saves money as do you, No gimmicks, just a genuine process, a bit like the process that started over 2000 years ago when a certain person told 12 people about what he considered was good and worthwhile. The 12 continued to tell others leading to millions of people knowing and recommending. Good things are just that, Good.

Essentially People know people, who know other people, all of whom have similar needs. You get the idea.

Even though there is a maximum number of two customers you are permitted to recommend, the recomendation tree continues exponentially, each person recommending the two people they know. The exciting thing is recommendation rewards contiue until the accumulation of rewards equals the ammount you paid for your product then stops automatically.

However! Guess what? you can then start the process over again with a different company with differnt products and recoup the cost of that purchase. There are no limits how many time you may repeat the process. 

iRecommended has an interesting philosophy, a product can not be sold by a business until a customer who has a bought a product via recommendation, recommends someone else, who then repeats the process. We call it peace of mind purchasing. 

When a customer relationship manager from the business you have been recommended to arranges to give advice on the products you are interested in, you would have already have met he or she, either online with the Covid19 restrictions, or in time, at the home of the person who is recommending you, where you would have been told everything about that business and products from the person who has already bought and is recommending, the reasons why they bought from the business in the first place, plus, just as importantly, all about the person whom represents the business and will be providing advice.

A simple process that benefits everyone concerned, which in the current economic climate is SIMPLY common sense. Customers can then just sit back enjoying the product they bought and watch their Recommendation tree growing week by week, as more and more customers become customers themselves.




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Features & Benefits

  • Receive a recommendation reward if the people you recommended become customers.
  • Be rewarded again if the people you recommended, recommend others to become customers too.
  • A On-line visual check point to see how your recommendation rewards are accumulating. 
  • Find other businesses with other products who offer a similar reward marketing system.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind our products provide and fantastic financial benefits

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